Saturday, February 28, 2015

Everything was AWESOME!

We got back from our trip to San Diego and hit the ground running and I hadn't had a chance to update the blog!

The trip was an absolute blast.  Not relaxing in the least, but the boys had quite the experience. 

We spent three nights right at the Legoland hotel and two full days in the park itself.  I found it overwhelming and this was the slow season!  It was actually slow enough that the line ups were pretty much non-existent.  If we had to wait 10 minutes for a ride, that was a long one.  There were lego building sites at every ride so kids could build while the parents waited in line.  Genius!  Our boys were the perfect age for the park; only a few of the rides were too old for them.  The park and hotel staff were incredibly friendly.

From the set of the Lego Movie!  I could have looked at the set for hours.  It was huge and so detailed.

Of course the Lego Star Wars exhibit was their favorite.

A Lego pirate in the lobby!

Bunk beds!

Giant Lego Chewy!

Everything is awesome!

This is part of the hotel lobby!

The boys had quite the stash of cash to spend at the Legoland store, and they spent it right to the last dollar.  Three suitcases later....
So much building.....  We are still going at in.
The next five nights we stayed just in a regular hotel.  Nothing special, but it did have bunkbeds again for the boys.  We spent a day at an amusement park on the beach, a day at the Midway Naval Museum, a day at SeaWorld, and a day at the zoo.  One hot day we tried to have a beach/park day, but it was just too hot for the boys at +27C, so we just hung out pool side at our hotel.  There were no huge crowds at any of our other destinations.  We saw so much without feeling too overwhelmed.  I would have loved another day back at the zoo or SeaWorld, but there just wasn't enough time on this trip.

You can climb right into so many aircrafts aboard the Midway.

The Boss and Mini Boss looking out over the flight deck.

He answered an entire book of questions to earn those wings.


Gondola ride over the zoo.

Giant spider in there!

The baby gorilla was my favorite!
The pet show!  This was the best show at SeaWorld!  Even cats and pigs were doing tricks!


There were some huge sharks in here.
And fun was had by all!