Sunday, June 2, 2013

No Longer Cute

It is official.  My oldest kid is no longer cute.

Hunter lost his first tooth on Friday night while we were out camping.  I have not been the sad, mopey mama who sobs over every stage as their child grows up and wanting the child to stay young forever. 

But this.  This makes me a bit sad. 

Mostly because kids look so horrible when their first few adult teeth come in!  The new teeth look way too big for their face.  They completely lose their cute factor.

That is it kid.  Time to return you, ask for a refund, and find a younger, cuter version. 

Wiggly tooth on the bottom left!  Kid is still cute.
Mom gives it a tug!

Dirty, bloody grin.  See.  No longer cute.
The best part of this was watching his friend, Lydia, work incredibly seriously at helping him get that tooth out.  I see a career in dentistry in her future.

The Tooth Fairy was even able to find us camping out near Carmacks at Frenchman Lake and Hunter was rewarded with a whopping $5 for his first tooth!

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Megan said...

Love the action shots!!