Monday, June 17, 2013

And holiday starts right now!

Well, actually it officially starts in an hour and a half when I drop my kids off with a friend!  Hurray!  Today I am heading into Whitehorse and tomorrow picking up my friends for our two week adventure around the Yukon and a bit of Alaska.

Matt starts three weeks of holiday time tomorrow and he is pretty excited about having time off as well.

I am hoping to blog of our adventures through my group blog, Indigo's Ravens, while we are on the road.  So head over there and follow along!

We will all be in Faro for a couple of days too early next week for Hunter's sixth birthday.  And then back on the road for another week. 

A holiday with no kids, no husband, no housework, no worries!  Bliss! 

Have a great week, everyone!

See ya later boys!  I love you!


Tara said...

Awesome, have a great time, Kara!

Nita said...

I have never had luck growing spinach here in the Yukon - it bolts almost as soon as it sprouts. The only time I had any luck at all was when I planted it in the shade. It still bolted, but just not quite as soon.