Friday, June 7, 2013

Never a dull moment.

The boys have been pretty entertaining over the last couple of weeks. 

There was the afternoon where I thought they were colouring paper while I was sitting on my back deck reading a good book:

 I give thanks for the smart folks at crayola who make washable markers.

Cavan went without a bath for 5 days after I drew an "I Love Mom" heart tattoo on his arm with a crayola marker.  He would start crying when we mentioned bath because he didn't want his tattoo to wash off.

There was the lunch hour when my boys serenaded a four year old girl with, "Shake that, shake that, shake that healthy butt!"  She was quite pleased with their duet.

Later that day the same girl could be heard from Cavan's room saying, "Ohh boyyysss- you want a beer?  Come and have a beer!"   And Cavan replied with, "Yeah Taylor!  Let's have a beer in my bed!"   hmmmmm.... 

Early one evening a neighbour called and compliment the lovely lake in my backyard.  Lake?  What is he talking........ aaahhhhhhhh!
They were banned from using the garden hose for two days.  And I am thankful the town has a set water rate and I don't have to pay by the liter.


Well there is never a dull moment in this house, that is for certain.

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