Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Walk Training

Now that I am walking a heck of a lot more, so are my boys.  Not that we were sitting around before that!  We have always walked a lot, but I am now very impressed at the endurance my boys have.

Today I walked to and from the school three times and Cavan only missed out on part of one of those walks.  It is 1km from our house to the school, so he walked 5km today on top of his normal running around the house, yard, and at playgroup.  I need to put a pedometer on that kid!  Hunter did that walk twice today too, so 4km for him.  My boys walk more than most adults in this town!  And the kilometer home is all uphill to boot.

The stroller rarely makes it out of the driveway.  I have maybe used it five times in the last few months and I am looking forward to passing it along to another family to use by the end of this summer.

I wonder how many kilometers a day them will be able to walk by the time the snow arrives in the fall?  It looks like these boys will be endurance hikers when they grow up!

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