Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Blinded Me With Science

This morning it was raining and cold so our usual plans of playing outside all day were tossed.  Instead we spent the day pursuing scientific endevours:

Chemical Experiment
Our day started with setting up our Magic Tree courtesy of a friend.  The boys looked at the box and then come up with their own hypothesis about what would happen to our own tree.
 Baking Experiment:
Next it was measuring ingredients and see what deliciousness we could create.  They are getting good at telling the difference between teaspoon and tablespoon and number of cups.  My math centric boys were funny with the beater.  They would agree upon a number of licks they would each have (ex. 4 licks each), each take their licks, and then pick a new number.

No pictures of the pool experiment:  How long can two boys last in the pool on a cold, wet day?  Well mama only lasted 45 minutes but they hypothesized they could last for hours, maybe even days.

Archeology Experiment:
Safety glasses on!  Excavating for pirate treasure!  Thank you to cousins Damon and Kyler for sending this awesome birthday present.  Somewhere in here is buried treasure. 

Cavan enjoyed this experience greatly!  Probably because it made a huge mess.  No treasure found on day 1 of excavations.  Plans were made to continue this experiment tomorrow (and outdoors said the mama who had to sweep up this mess).

Drive Mama Crazy Experiment(s):
How many times can Cavan threaten to cut the sofa with scissors before mama loses her mind?  Just once and then he was re-directed to paper along with a swat to the arse.
How many somersaults/flips can be done off the sofa before Cavan falls off on his head?  Varied depending on degree of difficulty (ie. is brother on the sofa while this is happening) but his range of results is between 5 and 20 times.
How many times can Hunter tattle on his little brother before mama just ignores him and has tea?  Not sure yet since this mama is getting fantastic at ignoring tattles.  Hunter plans on pursing this experiment at high priority for the next five years.

 Comfy Experiment:
Hunter pushed two chairs together and then fell asleep on the deck late this afternoon!  Nice problem solving.
 Chemical Experiment Conclusion
Our little tree grew all day!  The boys were pretty impressed with it.

How did you encourage your child's scientific creativity today?


Trish said...

All of these are awesome, I love how creative their little minds are and how the whole thing is viewed as experiments :-) I read somewhere that kids are like little scientists, 'what happens when I toss the food from my highchair' 'what volume pitch has the highest turnaround time', lol

Samantha ★ said...

You kids are so adorable. I was just interested in checking out blog about living in Canada's territories and I found you guys!

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