Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Sense of Community

Just over a week ago I attended the annual Church Ladies Tea and Craft Bazaar here in Faro.  It is a fun event held every December.  Tables are rented out crafters, artists and other groups and the public pays $2 to get in to shop and enjoy tea, coffee and lots of snacks.

We have only lived in Faro just coming on four years and I have had a table each of those four years at the bazaar.  But this year blew my mind!  There were 26 tables rented out this year.  And then the community came and filled the rec center right up!

It is so fantastic to see this little community thriving, especially during the holidays. There were kids running around stealing snacks off the tables, adults mingling and sharing laughs over tea and money was being spent locally!  Faro is turning into quite the busy little hub.

The view from the stage in the rec centre gym.  Busy place!

We tied a helium balloon to Cavan and then laughed as he tried to run away from it.

Darn thing just kept chasing him!
And I am pretty sure my children ate their weight in cookies that day.  Every time I looked up I would see either them stealing a cookie from a table or someone feeding them a cookie and giving me an evil grin!  I love living in a community where my children can freely run around and the worst thing I have to worry about is how many cookies they ate.


jen said...

That is amazing! Wish I was there!! There is something great in just letting your children run free, especially without a lot of worry. I think it's good for them, it gives them that free range quality.

J Dowell-Irvine said...

It was a really nice event and it amazes me how generous our little community can be. The grad table raised $1030.00 at the ladies tea!! - amazing.
I loved seeing your stuff there Kara even though I hardly had time to look. I attended the Ross River Christmas Event which is pretty well the equivalent of the Ladies tea and it was a lot of fun. I think it really does a community a lot of good to have these types of events. You are looking really good too Kara and I am so glad that you are feeling well.

Morena said...

I will miss that now that I'm moving to the big bad southern world. And people wonder why I love small towns.

D. Brenda Cooper said...

I lived in Faro from 1972 to 1985 and was a member of the Church Ladies Group during that time. One of the highlights of Christmas was the Christmas fair and the organization of same. It is extremely satisfying to see that you and your family are enjoying Faro. When we lived there it was fun to be part of a "new" community. I read your blog with interest, thanks for sharing.
D. Brenda Cooper