Thursday, December 15, 2011

First Christmas Concert

Last night we attending our first Christmas concert as parents and it was fantastic! I have been hearing from other parents that a number of schools no longer put on Christmas concerts and I so glad this isn't the case in Faro. The whole evening was so well planned right down to a spaghetti supper for the kids before the concert. Thank you to all of the teachers and volunteers who helped make the evening so memorable!

I was secretly hoping that my kid would do something on stage that I could blackmail him with later in life. But Hunter got up there and sang his little heart out along with his classmates. Cavan was upset the entire evening that he could not get up on stage with the other performers. School cannot come soon enough for that one.

Here is the video from the Kindergarten class and a few other photos:

Time for makeup!

Cavan wasn't too impressed with some of the performances.
Cavan and his buddy Alex really wanted to be part of the performance.

So they opted to put on quite the performance of their own.

Our little reindeer!


Trish said...

Ok, I was signing along with them and it it totally brought me back to my own Christmas Concerts and going out into the night later with all the snow and the cold and the magic of Christmas. This is what I was looking for! You know what they have in Vancouver? Pansy's, there are still Pansy's in the planters in front of businesses here and it is O So Wrong! To be fair, I couldn't find this in Kamloops either, but it was closer at least.

jen said...

I hope my kids get to do Christmas concerts! They are taking all the fun stuff out of the schools down here!!

Cavan is priceless in the video! lol Good job Hunter!