Monday, December 19, 2011

My Tools of Distraction

Prior to having my weight loss I put a lot of though into how I was going to distract myself after surgery to keep from eating.  Binge eating has been part of my life since I was a young child and I knew it was going to be a really hard habit to break.  But I am breaking that cycle little by little as each week progresses.

Here are my best tools of distraction:
A friend gave me a very generous monetary gift and I used it to buy some things for myself that I would never have done else wise.  I bought a Kindle and a bunch of books, an online subscription to a weight loss magazine, and a subscription to a month beauty product sampler.  All things I would have felt so bad spending our own money on, but they have been so fantastic at helping me.  Thanks Letia for playing such a big role in my success so far!

If I am typing I can't be eating!  And I have been drinking a lot of Crystal Lite to make sure I get all my fluids in during the day.  Thank you to everyone that I correspond with online.

Train building with Hunter keeps me away from food.

My sewing machine and hands have been in overdrive filling orders for Christmas!  Again, if I am sewing I am not eating.  I have some exciting ideas to start with in the new year as I work to expand my business out of the traditional crafts and into new areas.

I love shoveling.  I really do!  I am keeping our driveway well groomed after each snowfall.  Time outside just boosts my energy levels and burns up calories.

These boys are professionals at distracting me!  They had a friend sleep over for two nights this week and I was so busy, there was definitely no time to think of eating.

Any other suggestions for ways to keep myself distracted?


Sarah said...

I love shovelling the driveway's so Zen and monotonous.

Erica said...

Feel free to come over and shovel my driveway, too ^_^

jozien said...

ecI love the way your kids play!

jen said...

You have Santa's reindeer as children! hmm distractions? I'm not sure, but I was going to recommend the True Blood book series because I think you would find them fun! Have you seen the book series? It's called the Sookie Stackhouse novels!

J Dowell-Irvine said...

What a wonderful life you have Kara- so blessed!
I always feel like I have really accomplished a lot when I have just finished shovelling the driveway. It always puts me in a good mood too! Merry Christmas