Friday, December 23, 2011

Rink Rats

Our family has started to live at our local rink!  We are full on rink rats now. 

Hunter is taking skating lessons and we are so impressed at quickly his balance and coordination are improving.  We got to at least two public skates a week and Matt also helps out with youth hockey a couple times a week.  The arena is busy spot!

It is also quite the steal compared to larger centers.  Hunter is signed up for two sessions of skating lessons and we also have a family pass to cover all public skates for the season.  The cost?  $195.  Amazing!  Plus the arena has heaps of used skating gear that you can borrow.  Both boys are using skates that belong to the town.  We did buy them their own helmets.  What an inexpensive way to entertain our kids over the winter.  And if you cannot afford that fee?  The town of Faro has a lot of grant money for recreation to hand out to families to cover that costs with just a bit of paperwork.  How great is that!

Skating lessons with Michelle and Emily.  Hunter is in the middle.

Don't want to skate?  There are lots of toys and games to use as well!

Learning how to turn.

Craft time at the rink!  Reindeer! 

Alex and Cavan racing chairs.


jozien said...

Kara, it is amazing how much fun things there are to do here in the Yukon for kids, for relatively cheap. But it's the mom! who truly makes it happen. Congrats to you to take advantage of those opportunities for your kids.

Sarah said...

Yahoo for being a rink rat!! brings back memories of my 'rink-rat' days!!! :)

Allmycke said...

Bringing up children in a small northern community is fabuolous. Everything is close by and it doen't cost a fortune.
Merry Christmas to you and your family!