Friday, October 21, 2011

Two Days Post-Op

**Caution- graphic photos of my guts at the end of this post- not for the faint of heart!**

I had my surgery on Wednesday and am on the mend!

My surgery was started around 9:30am on Wednesday and the last thing I remember once in the operating room was Craig, the anesthesiologist, saying things will get a bit fuzzy!  And wham I was out!  I woke up in a bed feeling like I had been run over by a truck.  The surgeon said my surgery was text book and my guts looked lovely.

I have had been under anesthesia once before about 10 years ago and I had a horrible reaction to it.  When I woke up after that surgery I could not stop throwing up and had to stay in the hospital overnight.  Same thing this time around!  I was full of anti-nausea drugs when I went into the surgery and they gave me more afterwards, but it didn't do much.  I was dry heaving constantly.  The six incision sites on my tummy were in agony, but the back and sternum pain were the worst.  We could not get the nausea and pain under control, so I had to stay overnight in the clinic.  I spent the night being pumped full of pain medication and fluids.  It was not a pleasant night.

All of the staff at Puget Sound Surgical Center were amazing.  The care was second to none.  My nurse even gave me her cell phone at one point so I could call Matt and chat.  He had gone back to the hotel room to get some sleep.  All of the surgeons checked in on me before they went home for the night as did the day shift nurses.  All lovely people!

By the next morning, about 20 hours after my surgery, we finally had the nausea and pain under control and I was set free!  I came back to the hotel and spent most of the day sleeping or sipping on water and apple juice.  The pain medication is definitely my friend.  I was exhausted just going from the chair to the bathroom and back.

I had a good sleep last night and today I even got out for a short walk.  I get dizzy easily; I almost feel as though I am hung over.  Definitely a sign of dehydration.  So I am sipping on fluids constantly.  Today I got to add a bit more to my food choices.  I had 125ml of yogurt this morning and it took me over an hour to eat it.  Tonight I am sipping on a chocolate protein drink made with milk.  It tastes great!  I have no real desire to eat and I have to force myself to drink.  It takes me at least two hours to get through 8oz of liquid.  If I take a sip that is too big I get a horrible pain in my sternum.  And if there is already too much liquid in my stomach, I get that same pain.  It is so uncomfortable!

My husband has been so wonderful.  I cannot even bend over to tie my own shoes.  He has been getting me everything I need.  I just have to put up with shows on the tv about snipers and gator killers! ahahahha

I am so glad that I brought my computer with me.  All I do during the day is surf the net or sit and read books.  Life is not that exciting, but it is relaxing.  The boys are having a fabulous time visiting my family and will only talk to us on the phone for about 30 seconds.  So we know they are having fun!

I go back to the clinic on Monday for a check up and weigh in and then we start heading home next Wednesday.

Now for the photos!  Yes, I asked the surgeon to take photos during the surgery.  I got about 12 photos of my guts and it is really neat!

My stomach after the surgery.  There are six incision sites covered with bandages.

I was allowed to take the bandages off this morning.  My tummy is wicked itchy!

The part of my stomach that was taken off!  I was thinking it would be a lot bigger.

Well hello there stomach!  Nice to meet you!

Cutting the stomach off.

Thank you everyone for the heaps of messages and well wishes that have arrived via email or facebook.  I definitely feel loved!


J Dowell-Irvine said...

Dear Kara
I cannot believe how incredibly brave you are - And Matt is my new superhero - he is so supportive and your love for each other is just so wonderful to see! You have started on this journey and there is no turning back now (obviously) YOU AND MATT are in my prayers for a speedy recovery and a safe journey home. We are all rooting for you

Anonymous said...

I am glad you are on the mend Kara, and that Matt is being a good boy and taking really good care of you (there was never any doubt but it is fun to pick on him). Take care and enjoy the spoiling and I hope you are feeling 110% better soon!

Love you
Lynne, Darryl and Kids!

Tasha BoBasha said...

not everyone gets to see their insides on the outside. so crazy! Thanks for sharing, glad you're feeling better.

Nancy said...

Cool photos, thanks for posting them. I hope you're feeling much better very soon.

Sarah said...

Wow, thanks for sharing... sending you happy healing thoughts! Hope you feel better soon...and from what my friend said (who also had a weight loss surgery) it gets easier with taking in liquids as you go... Hugs from Nunavut! Sarah

Tina said...

Only you would ask for pictures. You so rock.

Carole said...

Wow! Photos during surgery? Who would've thunk? So glad everything went well, and hopefully your recovery will be textbook too!

It's wonderful having a 150% supportive husband; Matt really is amazing, and so are you!

Have a safe (and relatively painless) trip home.