Saturday, October 29, 2011

Made it Home- Updates Galore!

The six days have been a bit of a blur!  Most of that blur was narcotic induced....

After the surgery I had a lot of problems with nausea, dizziness and grogginess.  I had been taking a fairly heavy duty pain killer called Roxacet- it is oxycodone mixed with tylenol.  The side effects from that drug were worse than any of the surgery pain.  I couldn't focus longer than a facebook update, couldn't read a book or watch a movie.  I was in a fog for days!  After talking with the surgeon on my Monday appointment I stopped taking it and went to chewable children's tylenol.  It was like night and day!  Once the drugs were out of my system I felt alert and rather chipper!  I have no clue how people get hooked on those type of drugs- definitely not my type of high.  Since Thursday I haven't even had to take the chewable tylenol.

My appointment on Monday went great.  I am healing just fine and the weight is definitely coming off.  As of this morning I had lost 13lbs since my surgery and 24lbs since the beginning of October (pre-surgery diet for a few weeks).  Mighty successful month! 

We started the travel home on Wednesday and got to Edmonton that day to meet up with the boys.  My mother had taken them to Galaxy Land in West Edmonton Mall right before seeing us.  I am pretty sure they were more excited about going on those rides than they were about seeing us!  They had a fantastic couple of weeks with their grandparents- of course they were spoiled rotten.

Thursday we made it to Whitehorse.  I have to say I am in love with the play area in the Edmonton airport.  The boys spent over 2 hours on it and were sad to leave it and the little girl they had made friends with while playing there.  We didn't get in until early evening, so we spent the night in Whitehorse.

Friday we hit up the dentist for all of the guys.  Hunter looks great while Cavan has two huge cavities and he will probably have to be knocked out to have them dealt with.  How is it with two boys who eat the same and have their teeth brushed the same can turn out so different??  Nothing like feeling like a crappy parent when the dentist is telling you about those nasty cavities!  So we will have to take him in again soon to figure out what we will be doing with that.  We did a rather large grocery shop since the pantries were empty and then made for home.

Now we keep telling everyone how amazing it is to live in Faro.  Most people think we are absolutely insane to live out here.  But here you go- another reason why this town is the perfect home....   Two of my friends had snuck into my house and cleaned it the day before we arrived (washed out my fridge, bathrooms, swept the floors, folded some laundry), then at 6pm there is a knock at the door and a friend is there delivering supper and she also mentions that suppers have been arranged for us for the next week.  Woweee!  Neighbours have been phoning to check in on us and see if we need anything at all.  We are absolutely spoiled here in this town.  Thank you Faroites!!

I have progressed from the liquid diet onto purees.  Thank goodness!  If I had to have another chicken flavoured protein drink I am pretty sure I would have barfed.  My first pureed meal was chili from a can and it tasted heavenly to me.  I will be on purees for the next 10 days or so and then onto soft foods.  I can still only eat about 1/2 a cup of puree at a sitting and it is only taking me about half an hour to eat that.  I have three meals a day and two snacks.  I have to eat meals that are really high in protein and I am trying to get my calories up to around 800 a day.  It is really hard to do when I consume so little.  Today I only hit 600.  I still don't really feel hungry, but my head keeps telling me that I want to consume everything in sight.  Damn you brain!  Leave my poor stomach alone!

So I am loving being home and looking forward to getting into our winter schedule- lots of visiting, playing in the snow, crafting and hot chocolate!  Hurray for winter!

Thank you to everyone who has been sending me messages of encouragement.  The last two weeks were definitely tough, but I think the rewards are going to be well worth it!


Ann said...

So good to hear you are home and that people are so fabulous to you and your family. I won't even recognize you next time I see you. LOL

jozien said...

This is fantastic! I am so happy for you :)

J Dowell-Irvine said...

Welcome Home guys (and gal)
There's No place like home !
Look forward to seeing you soon Kara

Shanlee said...

Welcome home. As for the boys teeth, that is probably out of your control. My brother and I have the exact opposite teeth. No cavities for me at all, cavities galore for him. I'll never get them because my mouth is more acidic so even if I never brushed I would never have one. Gum disease most likely, but no cavities. Your boys may be set up like the two of us are!