Saturday, September 17, 2011

Our Back Country Adventure

Last week we spent five days and four nights on a hunting trip in the back country behind Faro. The trip was amazing! The boys loved all of the quadding and adventure time.

We did come home one day early. After a night and day of rain (snow up higher), it just got very cold to have the boys on the backs of the quads. The next day was gorgeous, so we came back while it was nice.

For all the time out there, we only saw a cow and calf moose. So no dead critters came home with us. We were out there with fantastic friends who made the trip so memorable! I would do it again next year for sure; perhaps up the North Canol road next time!

We found the perfect camping spot- it is a spot that Hunter use all of the time. It even had an open air outhouse! We were right by a creek and Cavan spent all his time getting wet. Thank goodness I brought three pairs of boots for him. Three of the nights we spent in our own tent, but the rain got our gear wet on the third night. On the fourth night we stayed in our friends big canvas tent to keep warm and dry. The nights were very cold, but we stayed toast warm in our sleeping bags.

Each day we would all head out to look for moose. The kids snacked, looked for moose, explored and napped. I cannot believe how the boys would nap! They would sleep on the quads so easily. Cavan even slept through me getting stuck in a mud hole and having to be winched out. Good northern kids!

The evening were spent drying out clothes, eating our freeze dried meals, reading books in the tents and then going to sleep very early! Surprisingly both kids slept well in the tent as did we.

Here is a slide show of pictures we took from the trip followed by some videos. Definitely a memorable five days!

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jozien said...

:) wonderful!
i like to say when shivering; i rather be cold than not out here.
Ain't it great, and most of the time we are not cold even if it is.