Friday, September 16, 2011

The Blog That Keeps On Giving

I am about 10 posts behind on events going on in our lives right now (all good events!), but I just had to get this up tonight.

My blog is just the gift that keeps on giving. I write about our lives and somehow through that, I meet (online and sometimes in person) the most amazing people. I have formed close relationships and friendships with people I have never met in person. Many of these people now connect with me through email and facebook and I have come to depend on their friendship and support in so many ways.

Tonight I received a gift from a one of those readers- a beautiful woman with a lovely husband and two little boys the same ages as mine. We have never met in person as she lives on the far side of Nunavut. But tonight she felt compelled to send me a gift as encouragement and support for my upcoming weight loss surgery. I am not going to share what the gift was, but I will let you know that it made my cry and left me completely overwhelmed by the generosity and love that a friend, I have never met in person, has for me.

How did I become so lucky in life to have friends like this?

In Iqaluit- you are so generous and kind. Thank you for the friendship we share. I truly hope I can be as supportive of you as you are of me. I am blessed to have you in my life.


Meandering Michael said...

Aww! Bloggy group hug!

Morena said...


Roberta said...

My mom always said we reap what we sow. Kara, you give so generously of yourself, and inspire others to do the same.