Monday, September 5, 2011

Adventure Time!

Tomorrow is the big day! My family and another couple with two young kids are heading out into the bush for a week. Chaos!!

Hopefully in a week I am posting pictures of the moose and caribou that we shot and perhaps a wolf as well. I would love to fill my freezer and my sewing room with goodies from this trip.

The boys are so excited, however they have been sick the last couple of days with a fever that will not go away. We have our fingers crossed that by morning they are feeling 100% and off we will go. Tylenol and Advil are our best friends right now.

I have been packing for a couple of weeks and the lists have been crossed off item by item. I only have about 6 things left to do or round up tonight after the kids go to sleep. Most everything is already loaded into the quad trailer or quads. Now I am frantically trying to think of what we are forgetting. There has been snow back in the area we are heading, so we have packed winter gear along with snow gear. And with my boys and their love for puddles, I have packed two pairs of rubber boots plus a pair of winter boots for each kid.

Both batteries for the camera have been charged and I have two 32gig cards ready to be filled. I am so excited to get going tomorrow; I doubt I will sleep much tonight!

And more good news!

The contractor has set up the scaffolding around the house to start painting. I should come home to a lovely red house with white trim if all goes well.

Then this afternoon I sold a pair of mittens from my Etsy site. I am thinking of buying some more sheared beaver pelts with that cash.

AND! My parents have graciously provided almost off the travel that I will need to have my surgery done. They are flying us to Edmonton where they will take the boys off our hands for nearly two weeks. Matt and I will then continue on to Seattle where I will have my surgery. Then we will return to Edmonton to pick the boys up again and then back to Whitehorse. I would like to thank everyone who offered their help! All of the support has been amazing. Thanks mom and dad for the travel and kid care. That was really unexpected and we are very thankful.


Michelle said...

This sounds exciting, good luck & hope everyone is feeling better soon!

jozien said...

wow Kara! i think i missed you by a day, it sounds like you are out in the bush.
Happy hunting!
And the other exciting news, that is fantastic! i will read more here now to see when you are going for the surgery.

Trish said...

Have fun camping, hope the boys are feeling better! So excited for you and your trip, what better person to babysit/nurse for you than Matt. Have a wonderful weekend, get better soon for the kids and happy healing for yourself in the days to come :-)