Saturday, September 24, 2011


Faro offers kindergarten for kids aged 4 and 5 and this is Hunter's first year! He started a week late due to our hunting trip, but we figure that is part of a well rounded education.

He was super excited for the first day, as was his little brother! We had a hard time convincing Cavan that he was not going to school as well. My mom had sent the boys up matching backpacks and they also have matching jackets. They looked so adorable!

Hunter has shed no tears and can barely manage a good-bye when I drop him off. Cavan keeps trying to sneak into class and tells me a number of times that he will be starting school soon. Cavan even remembers the teachers name (Miss Evans) while Hunter just calls her "Teacher".

And everyone asks if I cried when dropping him off for the first day.... NOPE! I did a little happy dance. I love my kid, but wow having three hours a day without him is sure a great little break!!
Posing for first day of school photos:

And they're off! Notice who is in the lead?

Faro school:

And all ready for his first day:

And it only took four days for our first meeting with the teacher and principal! Hunter hit another kid (he was upset over having to put away toys) and all I could think was how many more times am I going to get a call like this over the next 14 years! It was all fine with everyone involved and the other parents and us had a good laugh over it all.


J Dowell-Irvine said...

I love your posts Kara! The pics of the boys are priceless LOL. Congrats to Hunter - It makes me look at my kids and it feels like it was just YESTERDAY!!

Way Way Up said...

Not too many jurisdictions other than Ontario start them at that age. (Ha, how's that for typical Ontarian condescension!) In Alberta, starting age goes by individual school board, which is totally retarded. Nicholas completed jk in Ontario but we were told he was too young for kindergarten in the last community we lived in. Lisa and I had to fight like crazy againsts a spineless principal and an incompetent school board so that he could attend.

Anyhow, that feels better now, Oh yes, the boys look so excited for their first day which is always a good sign. Its great to see kids with a love for learning both inside and outside the classroom, This along will carry them far in life.