Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Remembering Constable Potvin

One year ago today, Constable Michael Potvin tragically drown in the Stewart River. He left behind his lovely wife Allison who was expecting their first child. Michael was just 26.

Allison is back in the Yukon this month. Today her and her young son, Jack, are in Mayo for a special memorial service for Michael.

We wish we could be there today with you, Allison. In the short time that we had to get to know Mike we knew he was a great man. We hope today is full of beautiful tributes to him.


jen said...

This just rocked our world last year! It was so upsetting and felt so close to home. My heart just breaks for his wife and son!

Anonymous said...

We're all thinking about you today Allison and Jack.

Anonymous said...

Wishing the Constable's family better and glorious days ahead.