Thursday, July 14, 2011

On My Way to the Great Northern Arts Festival!

It is all coming together!! On Sunday I will be flying to Inuvik to be a participant, for the first time, in the Great Northern Arts Festival. I am so excited I can barely sleep!

My three rubbermaids of stuff for sale has already been shipped north. This evening we start the drive down to Liard Hotsprings. My mom is meeting us there so the boys can have a week with Grandma and Poppa! Then we drive back up to Whitehorse to put me on the plane for Sunday morning and Matt comes back to Faro to work for a week.

I will be in Inuvik for a week. After that, I fly down to Grande Prairie. Matt just has to work in Faro for a week and then he is driving down south as well. We have two weeks of visiting and camping planned with my family during that time.

If you happen to be at the festival, please introduce yourself!

Have a great few weeks everyone. Enjoy the summer!

A number of items will be for sale at the festival including this seal fur and leather handbag!

You will also find my newest creations- headbands embellished with fur and other nifty items:

Northern glam!

Pretty in pink:

And of course all of my regular items will be for sale as well- hats, mittens and mukluks!


Gen said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the handbag and headbands! Have a great time at the festival!

Erica said...

I am going to miss you guys like crazy! I hope everything is awesome in Inuvik and you have a great time ^_^

Tina said...

I'm soo proud of you. xo

Carole said...

I am so happy for you (and a little envious). I've always wanted to go to the GNAF as I've heard it is THE festival of festivals. How wonderful for you!

jackie irvine said...

You go girl!!
your stuff is funtastic and so nice (I WANT it all)
you are so talented Kara -hope you have an awesone time

Megan said...

Hope you have fun and learn lots!

Say hello to everyone for me!!

Richard said...

Greetings from the Amish settlement of Lebanon,Pa. Richard from Amish Stories