Friday, July 8, 2011

Bug Adventure Park

My mother sent Hunter a Fisher Price Lil Adventures Bug Park for his birthday. Bugs are captured and dropped into the park, complete with a slide, ferris wheel, teeter-totter and swing. On the outside of the container is a wheel that can be turned to make the ferris wheel, teeter-totter and swing move. So basically it is a bug torture chamber and we love it!

Yesterday we captured four spiders, two ants and a beetle. We had a blast trying to capture them and recovered from an escape attempt (Hunter dropped the container and an ant made a run for it). The boys spent a lot of time yelling at the bugs to go on the moving parts. The bugs had very little interest in taking in the fun aspects of the adventure park and preferred to just run in circles hoping for escape.

All bugs were let free in the end, however the boys did try to convince me that they wanted the bugs as pets. I didn't fall for it.
Inspecting the collection:


Brothers enjoying the bug torture together:

Now if only they would get along this well the rest of the day:

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Morena said...

I've never seen one of those before. Too funny! Wouldn't it be hilarious to see the bugs actually on the farris wheel!