Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Alaska and More

Life has been busy! BUSY!

With our truck accident in early June, everything had been put off for a month. It also didn't help that Matt had to spend two weeks working in Ross River. We finally had a weekend off and our new truck was here so we took off to do some "sploring" as the boys would say. Over 2000km of sploring in just a few days!

Here is a day by day of the chaos:

Wednesday: The boys and I caught a ride to town with a friend from Ross River and her two kids. I had a dental appointment that was supposed to be for a crown and instead was a root canal. Joy. We did the Copper Belt Railway (need to find a different camera cord and I will get those photos up) and supper out with our friends. We stayed at a hotel in WH.

Thursday: Spend the morning with my friend from Ross and her two kids, walking around downtown WH since her vehicle had to go in for repairs. Matt got to town about 1pm, but our truck had to be outfitted with camper bars so we could load the camper. After a number of delays in picking up the camper and finding a place to camp for the night we finally get some sleep at an RV park in WH.

Friday: Drive to Haines, AK! We hit Haines Junction right as the Canada Day Parade started. We had our flags ready and the boys were pelted with candy. Stopped at Million Dollar Falls and loved the trails and playground there. Enjoyed driving through the mountains, but did not like the crappy weather through that part. Had wicked fish and chips, explored a bit of the town and found an unbelievable playground!

Saturday: Woke up to rain. Miserable cold wet rain. Not much to do with two busy boys in crappy weather, so we decide to drive to Skagway, Alaska to take the boys on the train. Stopped in WH to do a bit of shopping and got into Skagway about 8pm and went right to sleep! Or at least we tried too. There were a bunch of partiers from Whitehorse in the camp spot across from ours and they were up until 3am drinking, yelling, etc. I thought about slicing their tires the next morning, but Matt held me back.

Sunday: Took the boys on the early train and had a blast! Well other than a pissy American who sat across from us and wasn't too impressed at the exuberance our boys had about the train. However, the tour guides and other train staff thought our boys were awesome! Then we drove back to WH, got groceries and headed for home.... stopping every 20 minutes because Cavan insisted on peeing. It took forever to get home!!

It was a great few days. Just busy and exhausting. And I really realized that our family has no clue what to do with itself when we are in town- any town. We have so much more fun when we are out in the bush. We don't like to shop, don't really like walking around towns and get bored easily unless there is a playground nearby. Thank goodness for the playgrounds!

Hunter and I goofing off before the parade started:

Yahhh Canada!

Gotta love the Mounties all dressed up!
Inspecting Million Dollar Falls:

Check out that impressive ride:

A family photo in the wee-bit of sun that we saw in Haines, Alaska:

The most outstanding playground I have ever seen!
And there is Cavan levitating again:

Where's my fish and chips!
I love his beaver tattoo:

Hitting up the park in Whitehorse inbetween rain showers:

Nothing makes boys happier than a ride on the train!

Being goofy again:

Cavan fell asleep while looking out the window.
I am pretty sure this is the cutest picture I have of him to-date:

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Anonymous said...

Great photos!! I've been neglecting my blog reading lately (and writing) I'm just catching up now oops!

Glad to see you had a wonderful time :)