Saturday, January 10, 2009

To the dump!

I love going to the dump. I seriously do. It was always the highlight of the weekend when we were little and we headed out there with dad. Yep, you can tell you live in the boonies when a trip to the dump has been the highlight of your weekends since you were a kid.

For the last couple of months there have been a pair of coyotes making their home at the dump. I think the electric fencing must be off for the winter since their tracks go right through the fencing. Today I finally remembered my camera and got some great shots.

-38C, but my toes were nice and warm!

The furnaces in Faro working overtime to keep everyone warm:

I love it when it is cold out. The sun is almost always shining and everything looks clean and crisp.

The dump coyote! It is here everytime we head out. This one was walking right up to the truck. Perfect for picture taking!

He was wishing we had brought the kitties for a lunch date!

The other dump coyote snacking on something delicious in the brush.

Wonder birds of the north:

Just waiting for lunch to arrive!


indigo said...

it's cold. he looks like a triangle, all plumped out!

Way Way Up said...

Does the sign in the last picture point toward an out-house?

Yukongirl said...

Fabulous pics Kara!! And I will admit I LOVE going to the dump too!!! Yep, went with Dad as a kid and even today I will pick him up to go with me on the occasional Saturday.


Aida said...

the coyote make good Faro is so pretty! everytime i see your pic, it seems to draw me even more to the yukon...hmmm oh and that road.

Anonymous said...

What is it with dumps? Tina has a shot on facebook from the road to their dump!
Oh, and those ravens!You just gotta love them...

Carole said...

Oh, this brings back tons of childhood memories. We, too, looked forward to our trips to the dump, until the bylaws were introduced to prevent people from scrounging. And that photo of the raven sure is something.

yukonmusher said...

very nice pictures! I love ravens, such cool birds. I also love the cold time, so pretty. this spring i will have to show you the fox dens I have found, and hopefully they are being used. I am up to 4 active this year dens between here and Ross.
i too go to the dump to see these 2, I hear them out almost every night, but with the wolves around town I have not heard them.

AverageMom said...

See? The dump can be a wonderful place!! Nice pictures. I wish I'd had my camera, too!