Sunday, December 7, 2014

Bring on Christmas!

This is the weekend that really sets off the Christmas holidays for our family.  Our bible chapel hosts a community potluck supper at the recreation centre on Friday evening and about a third of the community was there this year!  The very next day, the rec centre played host to Santa at a big luncheon and games afternoon.

Both events are so well done every single year.  The volunteers and town staff put in a lot of hours to get everything looking festive and their efforts really show.  Watching the boys' eyes light up when  see the stage where Santa is going to sit is so special.  Santa calls each child up to the stage to receive a gift.  When Santa calls out a name, all the kids start to chant that name over and over and cheer for the kid whose name was just called.  I love the kids in this town!

We went out for a drive and walk in the woods and found our traditional Went Family Fugly Christmas Tree.  They always look better in the bush.  I got a bit out of control with the branch trimming in the house.  Now it looks like our tree is in its stand upside down.  So awesome.  The cats have already taken about half a dozen ornaments off the tree this evening. 

We are all decorated and ready for the festive season!  Bring on the chaos!

Ready to eat!

I asked them to put on nice clothes to go and see Santa.  This is what they chose.

Sometimes they are pretty darn cute.

Cavan taking down the tree with his hatchet. 

Tree looks pretty good in the bush!

Cavan hauling home his own trees.

Hunter cut down a couple to take home too.

The Went Family Fugly Tree in all its fugly glory.


Anonymous said...

May all of you and all have a Blessed Christmas.

Thanks for sharing. I read your blog from Michigan.

Carol P said...

ha ha ha it really does look upside down, that is just awesome!

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