Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Sewing Hobby No More

My sewing room is rather bare and I am a little sad.

I have had no time to dedicate to my sewing hobby over the last year.  Doing craft fairs and custom orders was taking up a lot of time, and time seems to be in short supply now. 

I was really proud of my hobby.  It has gotten to where I was able to make enough money from my hobby to cover my costs, my time, buy more supplies, and give me a few bucks to buy random fun things (usually just more sewing supplies).  But then there was my reconstructive skin surgery and the long recovery.  Then there was gardening/camping/hunting/holidays.  Now there is my schooling, the kids' schooling, coordinating our youth hockey team, exercise, other volunteer commitments, and then just all the stuff that goes along with taking care of my family.

So last week I sold the majority of my supplies.  I kept a few things so I can still sew for just our family and of course my patterns stayed with me. 

Thank you to everyone who supported my little business over the last seven years.  It was definitely a lot of fun!

From this

To this
So I could have more time for this.


Nancy said...

Look at all that fabulous new storage space!!!

Sarah N said...

I will always treasure the mitts and boots you made my girls. They are safely stored in our keepsake boxes, and will, i'm sure, by worn by many more babies in our family. Maybe even my girls' babies. Thank you.

Carol P said...

I have a few of your things and have the mittens for Emma in a keepsake box of her northern treasures. Your talents will be passed down through our family

Jozien Keijzer said...

I love empty spaces :)