Wednesday, December 10, 2014

24 Days of Kind Acts

This is our third year using our advent train as a way to perform acts of kindness over the holidays.  I bought the train out of a Regal catalogue and the boys have really embraced our family tradition.

Every day they take turns opening the door and reading what the note asks them to do.  It is always some sort of kind act that they need to perform.  Some are simple like being extra kind to a friend that day (and they need to report back to us at supper time with specific examples) or delivering soup to their teachers.  Others require a bit more work like shoveling out neighbours driveways after it snows or delivering homemade cookies they have made to neighbours. 

Today their act of kindness was to prepare 10 jars of dry soup mix into quart jars.  Closer to Christmas they will have to deliver these around town.  It was a fun and messy task that even incorporated math!  I always love a task that includes math.

We hope you find time this holiday season to perform acts of kindness in your own community!

The advent train!
Preparing to make a mess!

The end result!


Sarah N said...

thats so awesome, I really love it! I am totally on board! (nerdy train pun intended)

Tara said...

I just love this idea, Kara! And the dried soup jars look so pretty. : )

Carol P said...

awesome, those cans of dried soup mix are beautiful gifts. Recipe?