Monday, November 3, 2014

Missing Nova Scotia

We spent three weeks of October hanging out in Nova Scotia and we loved every minute of it.  Matt's parents were over the moon to have so much time with their grandsons and the boys were spoilt absolutely rotten.

We did some things we have never done before too.  One day we got lost in a corn maze; I wanted to cry.  There was apple picking day.  The boys swan in the Atlantic Ocean.  We ate the best donairs I have ever had in my life.  Watched people paddle pumpkins across a lake.

Then there were the visits with friends.  I got to meet up with a blogger and her husband that I have been talking to for years and years.  They happened to be visiting family in Cape Breton (they live in the Netherlands) and we were happy to meet them in person and realize they don't suck!  ahahhaha 

There was the weekend where another blogger friend and her husband (we have met them in person before) came up to hang out with us at our property in Cape Breton.  Another fantastic weekend with fantastic people.  They brought along one of their sons who is eight and all the boys played hard all weekend.

And there were five nights spent down in Lunenburg with great friends of ours who had just moved away from Faro back to Nova Scotia.  The kids were happy to see their friends again and we all got to play tourist in one of the most beautiful towns I have seen. 

Matt and I were also able to leave the kids with their grandparents twice to go the movies.  I love movie theatres!  And I read so many books while the kids were entertained by their Nanny and Poppy!

The whole trip was relaxing and perfect.  Three weeks is a long time to be away though.  We were all pretty happy to get back to the Yukon and get back to our routines.  Nova Scotia is nice, but the Yukon is definitely home.

Nanny and Poppy were happy to see their boys!

We spent a lot of time out at the cabin!

The gang was back together!

Corn maze.  Not as fun as we make it look here.


Michelle and I try out a pumpkin.

Ninja's at Peggy's Cove.

Cavan, Joe, and Hunter checking out the fish I caught out the creek with a net.

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Tara said...

Sounds like a great trip! Welcome home. : )