Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Call of the Fall

Driving home to Faro this weekend I noticed the leaves have already started turning yellow and you know what that means!


Yes, my favorite time of the year is nearly here and I am just a wee bit giddy about it.  We have a few more family camping/hunting trips planned through the rest of August and then into September.  This year we will be spending October in Cape Breton visiting family and friends, so I need to cram all my fall activities into the next seven weeks.

Summer is coming to an end, and boy was it ever a great one.  This last week was hectic with the boys in day camps in Whitehorse, but it ended with our family out camping at Twin Lakes and that was the relaxation that I was needing to recharge.  The kids loved their camps and I enjoyed my time with a few other Faro mum's and lots of kid-free shopping!  Both boys are already talking about what sort of camps they would like to attend next year. 

Canada Games Centre FUN-damentals Camp.  Hockey, soccer, swimming, and even tennis!

Equinox Adventure Camp!  I think Hunter loved the bus more than anything else!

Happy family at Twin Lakes!

This mama needed some book time.

Zombie crib!

Exhausted kids.  Not even the light on for me to read (fall is definitely here now that I need to turn on a lamp in the camper to read) woke them.

We kayaked out to a secret island!

Kayaking with my wild child.

What a summer.


Sarah N said...

Awesome! Twin lakes is one of my top-three fave Yukon places

Holly said...

So, did you find a rifle camp for them yet? LOL!!!

Sarabeth said...

Cribbage is one of our top couple time activities...that zombie board is awesome!

Tara said...

I love the zombie crib board! Fall is definitely coming on quick. It's my favourite, too!