Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Making Protein Snacks

This evening I hid in the kitchen while the guys were all outside having some play time.  There were a few new recipes for protein/energy bars that I wanted to try.  With Matt having a gluten allergy and me trying to get in enough protein, it is nice to have a homemade snack that we can both enjoy.

I tried these three recipes and only tweaked each a little bit, mainly just to up the protein content:

Pecan Pumpkin Bites- I added two scoops of vanilla protein powder (20g of protein per scoop) and I didn't have almond milk, so I used Silk Coconut Milk and I doubled it.  With my tweaks and cutting it into 16 portions, these are 194 calories a serving and 6g of protein.

Apricot Coconut Energy Bars- Again, I added two scoops of vanilla protein powder (20g of protein per scoop).  To make it bind together a bit better with the extra powder, I added 2tbsp of Silk Coconut Milk.  Also 16 portions and 158 calories per serving with 6g of protein.

Almond Joy Raw Bars- Here I put in 3 scoops of protein powder (half vanilla and half chocolate) and I cut out the chocolate from the recipe.  Adding 2tbsp of Silk Coconut Milk help bind it together too.  16 portions with 136 calories per serving and 6g of protein.

These are not the best use of calories for me since the protein count isn't that high, but they are a nice treat.  Next time I would use a different protein powder that is higher in protein per scoop.  Tonight I was just using up a couple of bags I had left in the cupboard.

I love my new food processor!  Snack making made easy.

Pumpkin on the left, Almond Joy in the middle, and Apricot Coconut on the right.  Heading to the freezer so I can cut them up into their portions later.

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Loni B said...

Loved the almond coconut! Shared the bars and recipe. :) added another scoop of a protein to boost it. Thanks! <3