Friday, October 25, 2013

12 Days!

The days are roaring by and my black pen is running low on ink as I madly cross items off my to-do list.  12 days until reconstructive surgery!

This past Saturday marked two years since I had my gastric sleeve surgery.  The last year was tough on me mentally.  The first year was full of excitement and a lot of weight loss (118lbs in one year).  Year two saw me lose just 12 more pounds and while it felt disheartening at times I did have a lot of challenges that I had to overcome.  In year two I was nearly to the point of being able to run for 5km straight.  And then I broke my ankle.  I suffered through an absolutely horrible sinus infection that went undiagnosed for weeks.  Those set backs kept me out of the gym and, at time, sitting rather miserably on my sofa.

But thanks to the support great friends and family I have been able to pull myself out of those funks and stay on track.  I have gotten much fitter in the last two years and have put on a lot of muscle.  Did you know I did an ab challenge that had me doing 120 situps, 200 crunches, 60 leg lifts, and a 2 minute plank?  I did it all!  I am doing well. 

Eating will always be a challenge for me.  There really isn't a day that goes by where I don't want to fill my face with food instead of feeling emotion.  But I am learning to work my way through those emotions, talk them out, exercise them out.... whatever it takes!

We are taking the boys to Whitehorse for the weekend to have some fun family time before Matt and I leave them for three weeks.  My mother is driving up from Dawson Creek to watch them while we are down in Beverly Hills.  So this weekend we are taking them bowling, swimming, and out to the movies.  I am pretty excited to have this fun time with them since I will be pretty laid up when I get back here after surgery.

I shared a photo this week on facebook and I talked a bit about body shape.  I know that I will never be a size two.  I am built just like my mama, my grandma, my granny who has passed, my aunties...  We are all well endowed from the waist down!  We all come with junk, upon junk in our trunks!  But I am sure that once the excess skin is off, I will really appreciate all of the curves that those wonderful ladies passed down to me.

Here I am at age 13 (nearly 14) with my mom and her mother.  I think I probably weigh less right now than I did in that photo.

Two years post surgery and down 130lbs.
Two years post surgery and 130lbs down.

Feeling pretty darn good about myself! 

Sometimes I clean up well. 


Nancy said...

I'll bet you are solid muscle under there - I think you're going to see a big change after surgery!

Jaime said...

You look so good!!!

Sarah N said...

You SHOULD feel pretty darn fantastic about yourself. I don't know anyone else who is so devoted to her health and well-beng, inside and out:)

Way Way Up said...

Best wishes Kara !

Nita said...

Awesome! Sending good vibrations your way :)