Monday, July 29, 2013

Matt's Fantastically Awesome Day

Thursday was Matt's day.

It started right when he got to work in the morning and got word that he was the number one candidate for the permanent nursing position in Faro!  We have been in Faro for over five years and for four of those years he worked a permanent travel position that was based in Faro.  He could be shipped out to any community to work with very little notice.  It was hard on all of us with him being away and us not being able to plan far in advance for trips or even a weekend camping.  Then for one year, he worked the Faro position while the regular nurse took a year off and in the end she gave up her position and Matt applied for it.  A great way to start out the day!

Later that afternoon Matt got a call from the liquor store saying there was a parcel there for him.  Odd.  He stopped in after work and there was an entire case of gluten free beer that a friend had ordered in as a gift for Matt quite some time back!  He had quite the grin on his face when he walked through the door with the case clinking in his arms.  (Mario- you are the best!)

And to finish off his day, his Landcruiser passed the mechanical inspection and is now registered and licensed to drive on the road!  He has been tinkering on it since last year when it didn't pass inspection.  My husband, the non-mechanically inclined guy, has been teaching himself through manuals and youtube and apparently it has worked!  He installed a lot of parts that I am sure he would be happy to tell you all about in great detail.

Congratulations Matt!


Carole said...

I am so happy for you that Matt is now permanently based out of Faro. It's tough on anyone having to head out at the last minute, and I totally get the not being able to make plans (I used to work auxilliary on-call at Copper Ridge Place), but it must have been even more challenging with a family. Also, hats off to him for repairing his wheels! So cool!

Meandering Michael said...

Right on!

Sarah L said...

Such great news, and what a great pic of Matt and the boys!

Megan said...