Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Birthday, Canada Day, and Camping Days

I came back to Faro in the middle of my two week vacation so I could celebrate Hunter's sixth birthday. 

Lego cake was requested and I did my best last minute attempt (I really need to learn how to do fondant) and he had a couple of friends over to help him celebrate.  And to make the birthday even better, he lost his second tooth that afternoon!  I got to reef this one out too.  The tooth fairy was held up by bad weather (read:  mama left town that evening and dad forgot), but Hunter was very understanding and happy when she did make a visit the second night.

A fugly, yet delicious cake!

Second tooth gone!

Six years ago....

I made it home from my trip just in time to take part in the Canada Day festivities in Faro.  There was the parade, loud and full of candy, that the kids loved.  Afterwards there was a steak supper with games and prizes.  Our town does events like this incredibly well!

The Parade is coming!!

What a patriotic little bunch!
After just one night back in my own bed, my family headed back out camping with some friends for a couple of nights.  We were close to home, just heading 60km from town to Drury Creek Campground on Little Salmon Lake.  The bugs were bad at times, but thankfully the wind provided relief along with pretty much bathing in deet.

One of the campers had his 5th birthday out there!  Pinata fun!

A very tired Hunter was begging me to go to sleep at 4 in the afternoon.  He made it to 7:30.

Full on exhaustion!  No worries about sunlight keeping these boys up late- they play much too hard!

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