Sunday, July 21, 2013

Afternoon Lego Challenge

It has been a rainy day today and late this afternoon I was looking for an idea to keep the kids from driving me crazy.  I told the boys they had to build a lego castle for a competition and the winner would get a prize!  They were all in and Matt and I even had to get in on the competition.

Almost all of our lego has come to us second hand and we have a huge rubbermaid overflowing!  I am looking at a better storage system because I am sure the collection is only going to grow. 

The boys put all their creative energy into building and about an hour and a half later the judging began!  Each person had to describe their creation and why they thought theirs was the best.  Then we each had to pick something that we really liked about each others castle and share it.

Today, we were all declared winners (even though I totally rocked the challenge and left the kids and husband in the dust) and everyone got a sucker as a prize.

Lego building/bin hiding

Hunter and his "Castle Under Attack" complete with canons and dragons.

Cavan with his "Bridge Castle with Computer Shop."

I rocked the competition with my "Super Guarded Super Walled No Entry Trap Door Castle"

Matt was late to the competition and missed out on a lot of good building pieces.  But he was still able to come up with his "Fortress of Solitude" that had impressive guns to take out attackers.


Sarah N said...

I love this idea, good for you!! and I also love your new banner photo, very you guys :)

Carol P said...

so much fun. I have a lego lover as well and since he got two large sets for his birthday I have barely seen him without a lego in his hand. I'll have to try this!