Saturday, April 6, 2013

Canning Apples

This week I discovered two bags of apples that we had forgotten about in our second fridge.  Yes, we have two refrigerators; we need lots of fresh food space once every couple of months when we go to town to stock up.  But these two bags got shoved into the crisper and forgotten about!  So what do you do with a heap of apples that just aren't that yummy for eating raw?

Can them into apple pie filling!

A friend had canned some apple pie filling with apples from a tree in her yard and I thought that would be fun to try.  Cavan and I cored and sliced up the bags of apples and shoved them into pint jars.  Then we made a syrup out of water, sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg and cornstarch.  Next sealed it all into jars and then a hot water bath.  Oy they looked so good!

Tonight I tried my first baking with them.  And now an admission.... I don't know how to make pie crusts.  Yep, hanging my head in shame over here since my mother makes amazing pie crust.  So what do you do with a jar of apple pie filling instead?

Dutch Apple Cake!

Canning the apples!

My mom's recipe!  So instead of the topping, I just dumped on a jar of my apple pie filling.

Cake batter in the pan waiting for the topping.
Time to bake!

Done!!  And wowweeee does it ever smell good.


Fawn said...

Mmmm, and looks fantastic, too!

Pie crust really isn't that hard. I'm absolutely certain you can do it. The first time I tried, I called my MIL for advice and she said the secret was to have everything really chilled: cold shortening and use ice water to moisten the pastry dough. I'd send you my recipe and instructions (from my Better Homes and Gardens cookbook), but I'm sure you can find ten dozen good ones on Google, anyway. :)

Tara said...

Oh man that looks amazing!

Courtney W said...

Kara, the pie crust recipie on the crisco box is super easy. the key is ice water & cold butter. i freeze the butter, then grate it on the cheese grater, the pop in in the freezer again