Sunday, December 16, 2012

Shopping Local

I organized a craft show for our local artists, crafters and bakers to sell their wares and it was a big hit!  There is always a craft show at the end of November in Faro, but I thought it would be nice to have another one closer to Christmas for all the last minute shoppers. 

There were sixteen tables filled with great stuff!  I am always blown away by the talented people we have here in Faro and Ross River as well.  And Faroites are incredibly supportive!  Locals came out in droves to spend their money on great items for Christmas.  Money and donations were also collected for our Christmas Hamper program; thank you to everyone who donated!

I sold a number of items and a few pricier ones that really made my day.  There are also four more custom orders added to my to-do-before-Christmas list and even one item that was put aside with the instructions of, "Call my husband and tell him to buy this for me for Christmas!"

Thank you to all the vendors, shoppers, and staff at the rec centre for making this such a successful event!

A full room of vendors and shoppers!

My table of goodies!


Erica said...

It was a very good time ^_^

Johanna said...

you are simply awesome :)