Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Another wonderful holiday in the Went home.  It was just the four of us for Christmas, but we hooked up with another couple of families for supper that day.  The day was the perfect mix of family time and friend time.  Boxing Day was a bit busier for us as we hosted a brunch with 21 adults and children in attendance- heaps of chaos and fun!

As much as we love our families, we love staying in our own home creating our own traditions for the holidays.  The idea of traveling at this time of the year to see them just doesn't seem pleasant.  My family is a day and a half drive away and Matt's family live at the other end of the country.  Maybe one day they will all come here for Christmas instead!

Always have to make sure the reindeer are well taken care of!

I love my Christmas candles!

Honest Santa!  We have been good this year!

And Santa fell for it!  

Family photo time!


Are the holidays over with yet?


Gen said...

Happy holidays Kara and family!
It's a balmy -28C here. The girls' new tube sleds ripped open on the hill this morning it's so cold. But we're also enjoying time spent en famille. Life is so fast-paced now that I'm back at work. Reading all of your blog entries on my reader. You're my evening smile after a crazy day. :0)

Warm wishes and all the best for 2013!
Gen xox

Allmycke said...

Happy holidays!
Making your own family traditions when the kids are young will do wonders for how they remember Christmas when they grow up.
We spent many of my first Christmases with the extended family - sometimes 18-20 people. Since our celebration is on X-mas Eve, there were no presents given out until after dinner...and then coffe... and then finally the dishes had to be done - by hand. With that many people, everything also had to be dried and put away before we could finally sit down an wait for Santa to knock on the door.
I'll tell you - that was agony quadrupled!

Johanna said...

wow- it looks like you had a wonderful Christmas! You look smokin' in that sweater dress!
Isn't it nice to be able to stay put and not have to go anywhere for Christmas? I agree!