Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween Fun!

We had a great Halloween with the boys again this year.  All the usual fun of pumpkin carving, community party and hitting up the houses for loot.

This year we tried something a little different with the boys in dealing with the large amount of candy they received.  People in Faro are very generous on how much they hand out to the kids.  Our boys didn't go to a lot of houses and still had their bags overflowing!  We told them that if they left out a big pile of candy for the Candy Fairy, that she would leave a toy in return.  The boys thought this was a great idea and bought right into it.  They were screaming with glee the next morning when they found Ninja Turtle figurines sitting out for them where they had left their piles of candy.  So that reduced the loot to about half.

I wore my beard hat and was a lumberjack!

Having fun at the community party!

Very happy when we managed to squeeze their snowsuits under the costumes!

Practicing at home first!

Pumpkin fun!

Our traditional puking pumpkins!

Pumpkin cake and cupcakes that I made for the community party.

Heading out for loot!  It warmed up for Halloween and the windchill was only -11C.


Tara said...

The candy fairy is such a great idea, I'm going to remember that one for when Aedan is old enough to trick or treat. Glad you had some warmer weather for the night!

Karyn said...

Instead of calling it a candy fairy, a friend of ours calls it the "switch witch". Great idea either way :). I love your header photo btw!