Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Can I damage my new stomach?

My new stomach isn't that new anymore, but still new enough!

I have been asked a lot over the last year if my stomach will stretch back to the size it was before surgery and I didn't honestly know the answer.  I was assuming that it could be stretched by continual binge eating.  Right now my stomach will hold about one cup and I work hard to keep my meals to about 3/4's of a cup to ensure that I don't stretch out my stomach.  If I have even a couple of tablespoons more than one cup, it is painful.

I have been drinking fluids a lot quicker though, especially when I am exercising, and that did have me worried that I might be stretching out my stomach doing that!  So I sent my nutritionist and my surgeon an email to as about how easily it is to stretch the stomach.

Their response settled all of my fears!

Here is what my nutritionist had to say:
Your new stomach will give you that instant feedback when you try to overfill it!  If you routinely try to limit the volume of food you eat to no more than one cup, then it is not going to stretch out.  Over time if you were to increase the volume, then your stomach would stretch but probably not to the size it was originally.  If your stomach is pretty much empty when you drink the fluids then it won’t be a problem as it will just go right through.

And from my surgeon (who has actually had this surgery himself):
Kara, what you are experiencing is normal. I don’t honestly know the answer regarding the stretching. I do know that it will stretch to a degree. I do believe that chronic overeating (like if this were a daily occurrence) probably would allow it to stretch to a greater degree. I don’t believe the occasional “woops” we all do is a problem. It gets easier, but still happens from time to time. I don’t think the fluids will stretch it out. Plan to pre-hydrate before workouts – that helps.

That was a relief to hear from both of them!

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Tara said...

That's wonderful that you're in touch with your surgeon. It must be so reassuring!