Thursday, March 8, 2012

Surprise Visit and More Good News

On Friday afternoon I was looking out my window as I was closing the curtains for quiet time and was stunned when I realized I was looking out at my mother's vehicle!  She had drive up from Dawson Creek for a surprise visit.  It was perfect timing.  I have been single-parenting for the last two months and am wiped right out and it is also spring break! 

She just left today and we had a fabulous week!  Relaxing?.... no, not at all.  Productive?.... holy crap yes!  People think that I am a busy bee, but I am nothing compare to my mother.  While she was here we rearrange the entire basement to make room for the three shelving units she gave us.  My sewing room was completely pulled apart and is amazing now!  I have a bulk food storage spot now and my guest room actually looks decent for guests now.  Furniture was moved and the vacuum went into overdrive.  We made 75lbs of sausage and canned 38 pints of moose meat.  I learned how to sew a zipper into my fur muffs and mom made the boys each two new pairs of pajamas.  She hung up all of the art work and pictures that have been off the wall for almost a year.  Then there was book reading, seed planting, skating, back yard bonfire, lots of baking and cooking, and crafting.  I think I am more exhausted now, but completely worth it!

The boys are pretty upset that she had to leave today.  Matt also had to head out for three days to a course for work.  We are just lazing around today and the boys are both a bit sick, so I feel fine with our sloth day. 

And more good news!  Matt will be covering a term position in Faro that starts the middle of June and could last sometime up to a year.  It means no travel to other communities for a while!  Yippeee!  He still has some travel over the next couple of months, but it is sure nice that we will get a bit of a reprieve from it.  The last two months of him being gone for work has been hard on all of us.  The ultimate goal is for Matt to have a permanent position that would keep him in Faro all of the time.  However, we are thankful that he does have a permanent position even if it means travel.

 Here are a few pictures from our week:

Bonfire in the backyard this weekend!  We dug out the fire pit and enjoyed the -4C weather.

The boys helping us make sausage.

Hunter reading his book to Grandma.

Apple pie baking!


Tina said...

Nice! Was the moosemeat frozen? I didn't think you could thaw it to make sausages and then refreeze?

Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

Yep, the meat was all from frozen. We usually do it like that since it is hard to deal with all of the meat at once. So far we have never gotten sick or had any problems at all.

Holly from 300 Pounds Down said...

I am so happy for you. It totally relieves stress when you get things accomplished. I am so glad she was able to come and help you!! And it's awesome that his job will keep him at home more. This is such good news!! And i love the pics!

romantic bed and breakfasts said...

That’s great you enjoyed your visit. You must have released all the stress.