Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sick Kid

The worst part of having a sick kid, is having one kid that isn't sick!

Hunter just wants to laze on the sofa in his pajamas and watch movies all day.  Cavan seems hellbent on making Hunter even more miserable than he already is. 

So far this morning Cavan has:
  • stolen Hunter's blanket, 
  • stolen Hunter's stuffed dog
  • blocked the view of the tv numerous times
  • leaped off the back of the sofa so he could body slam Hunter
  • stood on Hunter's head so he could jump to the floor
And they have only been awake for four hours!


Fignie said...

Oohh!! Can't wait to hear how this goes for the rest of the day!! I can remember being home while my bro was sick ... and doing about the same thing to drive him nuts :)
Hang in there!! :)

Anonymous said...

Poor little man. Hope he feels better soon!

Morena said...

Anonymous was me BTW... accident.

Holly from 300 Pounds Down said...

Oh no!! He wants his play buddy back probably! HOpe your baby feels better soon!