Friday, March 9, 2012

Macaroni Madness!

I found a neat recipe for colouring pasta that could be used for crafting.  The boys and I gave it a go a few days ago.  They helped me measure and pour in the ingredients then squish the bags to mix it all together.  A very easy crafting activity that young kids can definitely help their parents do!

Coloured Pasta:
2 cups pasta, quarter cup isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol), and 10 drops of food colouring. Mix in a zip lock bag and flip over every half hour for a few hours.  Then empty out the bags overnight to dry.  I laid mine out on dish towels since I thought it might stick to any paper surface.

Six colours of macaroni!

Dry and ready to go the next morning.

Little boys excited to glue macaroni down onto their train pictures.

A great fine motor building activity!

Hunter loved arranging the macaroni whereas Cavan preferred squishing out the glue!

A happy crafter!
Next we are going to dye rigatoni pasta for necklace making!  I might try using the Wilton gel colours in the next batch to see if we can get the colours a bit more vibrant.


Tina said...

Use Kool Aid! That's all I ever do with mine. Use the packs of Kool Aid, put it in a measuring cup and use just a few drops of HOT water to dissolve it. Then pour it over your pasta / rice etc and dry it the same way. Same vibrant colors and they smell yummy!

Fawn said...

I used alcohol and food colouring to do my coloured rice. The Wilton gel colours came out VERY bright and amazing. It took only about 5 to 10 minutes to dry and Halia was playing with it almost right away.

Thanks for this idea! I hadn't thought of doing it with macaroni and the girls would love glueing them.