Monday, February 27, 2012


This is going to be a sad week for us and the kids.  Some close friends of ours who have lived in Faro for the last three years are heading back to Ontario.  I have been trying to prepare Hunter for their leaving, but the poor kid just bursts into tears anytime I mention it.  And me?  Well I just try to pretend it isn't happening so I won't burst into tears!

It has been a fantastic three years with the Autio family.  Nicole had written me after finding my blog when her husband decided to accept a transfer to Faro from Ontario.  We wrote a lot back and forth before their big move.  I was really excited since they had two children right around Hunter's age.  I have run into my fair share of people who write me after finding the blog and then move to the community I am in.  Some of those people turn into friends, some acquaintances, and others that I wish had never wrote to me!  Thankfully, Nicole and I become close friends as did our kids.

For the last three years our kids have grown rather close.  They have all attended playgroup together and now Hunter, Tomas and Maija are all in kindergarten.  There have been numerous trips to Fish Eye Lake to play in the sand and water, even more visits to the playgrounds in town and lots of runs down the sliding hills together.

On Saturday we had a big going-away party for the kids at the rec centre.  What a turn out!  Happy kids everywhere.  I sure hope we have helped send them out on a happy note!

Faro is going to seem rather empty without them after these three years of fun.  Thanks for everything Autio Family!  We wish you the best of luck in your move and new start.
Our little kids!!  Summer 2009- Tomas and Maija are side by side on the right.  Hunter is the green hat on the left.
Hunter and Maija at Fish Eye Lake 2009.  It was so cold and they didn't care at all!
Playgroup fun!  Who needs toys when you have a friend and a rubbermaid.
Hunter, Tomas, Maija and Cavan


Holly from 300 Pounds Down said...

Oh I am so sad your friends are leaving! That is so tough. Living as a military family for so many years we lost a lot of friends this way. At least in today's world you can keep in touch via the internet. Love the pictures!

Tara Borin said...

This is definitely one of the hardest parts about living up here: the population is so transient! Sorry to hear that your friends are moving away, I know how that feels.