Sunday, November 13, 2011

Semi-Lazy Sunday

Even after staying out late last night (playing pictionary with other adults!) and not getting a lot of sleep, my energy is 100% today and I am feeling like my old self!  The old self that hates sitting around and needs to be productive.

This morning we had a friend and her sons come over for a visit.  I was able to stitch and bitch at the same time and made a pair of booties identical to these:

A bit of house cleaning, laundry and then a trip to the school run coffee shop to visit with some other families. 

Then back home where I broke out the paints for the boys:
So thankful for paints that wipe clean off the floor.  And can you see the sock in the plant behind Cavan?  I have no clue who shoved that in there...  Boys!
Then while the boys drew on paper and played with picture cards I made this:
Coyote fur headband.  Fully adjustable with velcro on the back and lined with fleece.
Now the boys and I are watching a movie while Matt is working down at the Health Centre.  Hopefully he isn't out all night!  I am thinking of starting a pair of seal mittens this evening.  Only six more days until I attend the craft show in Whitehorse.

The next couple of photos are from yesterdays bouts of productivity:
Matt made me this mitten rack to take to craft shows! I can display 12 mittens at a time.

Wolf fur headband.  Lined with fleece and fully adjustable with velcro.
I love semi-lazy Sundays!


Sarah said...

love the booties! and i can already see the weight coming off your face!

Megan said...

Lazy??? Hardly!

Lindsay said...

I LOVE those booties!!!