Friday, November 11, 2011

Good Stuff

So much good stuff from today....
  • After watching other children and adults lay wreathes during the Remembrance Day ceremony, Hunter asked me if he could too.  I said of course and told him to head to the back of the gym and ask the adult in charge (a friend of ours) if he could help.  He ran back there all on his own and then helped with laying two wreathes.  At four years old, he is already one heck of a confident and adventurous kid.
  • Seeing that gym filled to standing room only made me a little teary-eyed.  Especially seeing all of the families in attendance.  
  • My crafting sales are picking up with the holiday season approaching.  Within minutes of posting pictures of some recently made items, I had five sales!  Next weekend I am going into Whitehorse for a big craft show and I sure hope I have success there.
  • I have turned the corner in regards to recovering from my surgery.  My energy is returning bit by bit.  In another week I should be cleared to exercise more than just walking and I can lift things again. That almost means I have to start vacuuming again.  Darn.
  • Since October 1st, I have lost 27lbs.  Wow.  
  • We had friends over for supper tonight and it was just a few hours of laughing and chatting.  Plus I made fantastic moose stew that I could eat.
  • And I got to hold a little baby boy for about half an hour.  Were my boys really that little once?  Oh that was a lovely half an hour.
I love crafting!  Both of these headbands are now heading up to their new home in my old home of Kugluktuk!


Megan said...

So glad to hear things are going better!

J Dowell-Irvine said...

Hi Kara;
So enjoyed our visit the other day and for someone who has just gone through a major operation and recovering - I know you are doing what you are meant to do! I couldn't believe all the stuff you have made!
By the way: Thanks so much for donating some of your product to the Grad table for the Church Ladies Tea on the 26 of November. You make so many different, fun and interesting items but what I LOVE about them is your quality - THE HIGHEST and it's made with love !
Good Luck at Spruce Bog