Friday, January 21, 2011

Playing Out

The temperatures are finally breaking out of our long deep-freeze! Today it went up to a lovely -20C, so the boys and I headed out for some driveway shoveling fun this afternoon. With the warm temperatures though has come the snow! By the time I was done shoveling, I probably could have just started doing it over again.

Furry, snowy and happy!

Cavan loves having me cover him in snow while I am shoveling:

Finally, after an hour outside, the boys were cold and insisted we all head inside for hot chocolate:

My rosy-red cheeks (and my first attempt at a fur/fleece headband- it was deemed a reject and now I wear it)


Ken and Dianna said...

You are beautiful Kara!

Lesley said...

So awesome! Love the photos!