Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Camping Season 2015!

The month of May has been incredibly hot with most days hitting ten degrees hotter than average.  We have already taken advantage of this weather by heading out to the lake for two weekends of camping. 

With Matt being on call an awful lot, I have gotten good at just packing up and heading out without him.  He enjoys having a weekend to work on his own projects and there is no way I am staying home just because he can't come!  The boys are old enough that camping with them isn't hard and it can be fun having some mom and boy time at the lake too.

Our first weekend out we went with a slew of friends for two nights just to the closest campground- Drury Creek which is on Little Salmon Lake.  The kids were brave and went wading in the water- there was still ice on!  We discovered that Emma loves the water and will even hop into the kayak for rides. 

Our second weekend, I pulled the boys from school for two days and we went to Frenchman Lake for four nights.  Matt was able to join us for three of those nights!  We did more kayaking and a lot of relaxing.  I read three books that weekend!

This is our eighth summer with our camper and yes, it is getting a bit squishy in there with two growing boys.  But we still squeeze in there.  The plan as they get older is to kick one out to sleep in the back seat of the truck, and then eventually, both boys can just sleep in a tent.  The camper might be small, but it is in perfect working order and paid for!

I am looking forward to another fantastic camping season around the Yukon!

Swimming Emma!

Setting up at Little Salmon

Puzzle time!

Army men and books at Frenchman Lake.

What a view!

My happy family.

A little chilly after a swim.

Hunter and a friend having a sleepover in the tent.

Kayaking with the Flea Biscuit!

Kid cuddles.

The boys are happy to be kayaking again!


Cromwell said...

I want to go camping too.. This could be fun :)

Adele Inc said...

Very Cute!! i want to go camping too...