Saturday, January 2, 2016

Bring on 2016! Goals and Resolutions

Well blogger, I am back.  So sorry that I left you for the last six months, but life got in the way.  I know, I have a life!  ha!  Bet you didn't realize that.  What exactly did I do in the last six months? 
Camp, garden, camp, garden, hunt, kids started another year of school, trip to northern BC to see family, leg got crushed, trip to Ontario (kid free) to visit a friend, a heap of school work, lots and lots of workouts at the gym, group fitness training, crazy amounts of walking, and then Christmas.

But I am back and at just the right time- IT IS GOAL SETTING TIME!  I love setting goals.  I love making resolutions.  Making lists....  holy shit how I love making a list.  Even better than making it, is crossing things off my list!  So let me see how I did with my goals and resolutions from 2015:

1. More self care.  Yep.  Walking and gym time have turned into my self care time.  And book reading.  I am learning how to find time just for me and I believe my mental health is benefiting greatly from it.  I have a lot of anxiety (must do all the things or die from guilt), but the self care is helping.

2.  FIT!  Oh baby, I am there!  I wanted to be back to the level of fitness I was at before I had my reconstructive skin surgery two years ago.  Totally there.  Might even be more fit than I was.  Done!  I walk.  A lot.  Winter goal is around 20k steps a day and summer goal is 30k steps a day.  And I was at the gym a lot.  Hurray for fitness!

3.  Find more ways to encourage active learning with the boys.  Easy since they are curious little buggers.  We lit stuff on fire, we do math games while we walk, they helped me garden....  Done!

4.  Veggies and eggs.  Veggies had another amazing year!  Garden and greenhouse were successful other than potatoes.  Just a crappy crop overall for them and I am guessing my soil was too dense.  Plans for a second greenhouse are in the works.  Eggs... nope.  Damn it.  Chicken coop is in, but I have been patiently waiting for our town to pass their chicken bylaw for the last 4 and a half years.  Guess what... this girl is finally just going to say fuck it, and do it.

5.  Just say no.  YES!  I am getting so much better at this one!  I said no to a lot of requests that I knew would exhaust me or that I really just didn't have time for.   No!  No!  No!  The guilt is still there when I say no, and I did go back a few times and agree (damn it), but I am getting better at realizing that I do not have to do all the things.

6. Learn to be content where I am.  Yep.  Still love Faro.  Sucks when people move away, but this town is still awesome and Matt loves his job (ps. new job title!  He is officially the Nurse in Charge!)

7.  Finish my school work!  Done!  Well mostly.  I am a Personal Trainer!  Ya me!  And I am also a certified Fitness Instructor Specialist (meaning I can lead group fitness class).  Still in progress is my Nutrition Diploma.  Working hard at that right now.

8.  And back on the list for year 9 or so.... deal with that damn rubbermaid of pictures. Damn it.  Another failed year at that one.

Okay!  Time for the new list!    2016 IS GOING TO BE AWESOME!  Well, of course it is.  Every year is awesome because I make it awesome!  Can you tell I am really excited about making these new goals?

1.  Went North Fitness gets off the ground.  My little business is ready to go!  I would like to start working one on one with people as a personal trainer (I have one client already), and offering more group classes.  Everything is already in motion to make this all happen and I am rather giddy about it! 

2.  Walk 5000km.  I am a fitbit junkie.  Last year I walked 3723km and there were a number of times my fitbit was off (camping, dog ate it and had to wait for a replacement, more camping).  That means I need to walk nearly 14km every day.  I can totally do this.

3.  No.  Yep, this is still staying on the list.  I have to keep saying no and not let the guilt bother me.  I can only do so much and my family comes first.  I still have the volunteer things that I like to do (Friendship Feasts, hockey, a bit at the school) and a couple of committees that I am part of, but I cannot stretch myself too thin or everything suffers.

4.  Eggs.  BRING ON THE CHICKENS!  Santa brought me everything I need for my chicken coop (a feeder, waterer, and fencing) and spring time will see me with a flock of my very own. 

5.  A big hike.  I have wanted to do a hike since the year I broke my ankle while running.  It needs to happen.  I have the gear.  I am pretty darn fit.  I gotta do it.

6.  Push ups.  Goal of 5.  In a row, not over the year.  ha!

7.  And I guess the list wouldn't be complete if I didn't add the rubbermaid of photos to the list.  Will 2016 be the year I finally deal with them? 

What is on your list this year?


Sarah L said...

I think you need to make the rubbermaid of pics #1 on the list. ;) These are great. What an amazing year you had!!! I'll share some of my goals with you privately. I'm working on something-- I'll send it to you soon. Happy New Year!

Allmycke said...

Good to see you back here again.
As for resolutions... I'm still working on getting them prioritized...

Jozien Keijzer said...

And good to see you here. It is cool to see that several of us old time bloggers do miss blogging and use the new year to give it a new start.

ehhh that fitbit how does it count those 14km a day? Is that steep up-hill bushwhacking or on treadmill? How do you account for that?

Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

Josien, it tracks my steps and then calculates outs out a distance based on my step length (which is based on my height). So I keep it on all day! It also tracks my heart rate to see how hard I am working. Depending on the day, it could be uphill bushwacking, or just walking the dog around the block, or step aerobics, or all three! :)

Ash@condo Chambery said...

For my resolution this year, I’ll still be writing and working, but I’ll also be leading my family on an incredible adventure, while trying to spend more meaningful time doing things that actually bring me (and them) happiness.

Art said...

what happened to the blog? enjoyed the posts?