Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Best Canada Day, Ever.

We spent Canada Day out at Francis Lake and I think it was my favorite Canada Day to date.  Francis Lake is normally a pretty quiet campground, but this year the place was packed!  And it was mainly packed with folks from Faro.

A friend and I planned ahead of time and packed a few supplies so all of the kids could decorate their bikes the day beforehand.  On Canada Day the kids got on their bikes, proudly sang O'Canada, and then did a parade on bikes around the campground.  We even packed candy to throw for the kids!  Other tourists that were camping there came out to watch, take photos, and a few even ran back to their camper to find their own treats to give out to the kids.

The day before we also gave the kids a bunch of empty boxes, containers, tape, and other random items and as teams they created boats.  A big group of us packed up for the rest of the day and went down the lake to a beach and creek.  We had a big weenie roast and the kids got to race their boats in the creek.  The kids played in the mud, went swimming, and even got to do a bit of tubing!  I did one round on the tube and was sore for two days afterwards!  But it was a blast.

Then that night there were fireworks on the beach!  A friend's father brought them up from BC and even with our 24 hour daylight, they were still pretty awesome.  I think the entire campground turned out for it!

Thanks to all of the friends who made the day so memorable!

Boat construction.

Getting ready for the big parade!

Happy Canada Day!

Getting ready for the big boat race.

Here come the boats!

Mud jumping!

Weenie roast with friends.



Kids and sparklers at 11pm. 


Daniel said...

It seems fun. .everyone looks happy ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh Kara, it looks like it was so fun. The best times with family and friends are spent outside!

Did Emma go too? I can't tell if she's one of the dogs in that picture. I know that she is good girl and a camping dog!


Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

Emma was there too and she loves camping so much!

reisha said...

Love you guys.. you always make my day and you seems to by happy as always..

Cynthia said...

Happiness overload..I got the best Canada ever too and meet great people like my boss.