Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Trying To Capture The Easter Bunny

This year we spent Easter camping with my family down at Liard Hotsprings in Northern BC.  A highlight of the weekend for me was the boys' attempt to trap the Easter Bunny.

They took the trap they had set up all weekend that was supposed to catch squirrels.  Then they put carrots in it instead of the cheezies/chips/peanuts combo that had been in there most of the weekend.  They went to sleep dreaming of catching the Easter Bunny!

The carrots were taken and replaced with a large stuffed bunny and a note that told them to try harder next year!  Watching the boys sneak up to the rubbermaid (they had a plan- Hunter would lift it up and Cavan would nab the Bunny in his squirrel catching net if it tried to run away) was priceless.  

The trap has been set!

The Easter Bunny loves carrots!

All ready to catch the Bunny!

What the??

Hunter reading us the note.

Hunter's face says it all!


-N- said...

Well, I am RELIEVED that they were trying to live trap it. I was covering one eye as I read this one. You can't eat the Easter Bunny, guys, not even in the Yukon! I'm sure you would stew him up to perfection (and make a pair of mittens too), but still ...

A rubbermaid is OK though. Just shake him down for some extra chocolate if you catch him next year!

Tara said...

Camping at Liard? What a way to spend Easter!

Hunter's face is priceless in that last pic. Too funny!