Friday, November 1, 2013

Last Night At Home

Tonight, my kids broke my heart.  I was giving them hugs before bed and reminding them that we are leaving tomorrow and they were just so sad.  It really hit me then as to how long I am going to be away from them and how much I will miss them and their antics. 

We will be gone for nearly three weeks and even when I do get home, I won't be in any shape to really play with them.  I feel a tremendous amount of guilt at leaving them behind and that I will be out of commission for so long.  Although, maybe it will be a good time to start reading a real novel with them as I am laying on the sofa.  I have facetime set up the ipads so the boys can call me up anytime.

Tomorrow we drive to Whitehorse and Sunday we fly to Los Angeles.  Pre-op appointments Monday and surgery on Wednesday.  Surgery is just five sleeps away.

I have most everything done and all arrangements have been made to cover things while I am gone.  My mom arrived this evening and she is here with the boys while we are away.  They are pretty excited to have grandma time and I am sure she is going to spoil them rotten while we are gone.

The case of wine I purchased has been given out to friends.  I am hoping to bribe them all into helping out with the kids while I am gone and also once I get home.  Everything that I have read and everyone that I have talked about this type of surgery all say the same thing- recovery will be hell and that I need to not over do it.  That is hard for this squirrel on crack to understand.  I just keep thinking by week three I will be back to normal.  Yeah... it just isn't going to be the case.  I hate asking people for help and I feel guilty about it all.

But nothing I can do about it now.  I have to trust that my kids will have a good time, that the things I have asked people to do will be done, that my surgery will go off without a hitch, and that things will work out find when I get home.

So off I go!  I will have internet the entire time and will be posting a lot, I am sure.  Thank you everyone who has made this possible and offered so much support to me along the way.


Meandering Michael said...

I have no clue what to say other than "We're rooting for you!"

Anonymous said...

Good Luck Kara,its only a short time out of your boys life. Focus on a month like July, and what fun you will be having with them when, mom is slender and fit and able to give them a real run for their money!!!God Bless

Nita said...

Safe travel. ((( hugs)))