Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Healing away! *Warning: Scar and skin pics*

I am blown away with how well my incisions are healing.  It has been 13 days since surgery where I was split right the way around and it seems unreal that the skin can already be binding back together. You will look at be all ewwww that looks horrible!  But trust me- this is good healing.  While the incisions look lumpy and all pinched together, over time they will all smooth out and there will be no pinching.  I will look normal.

Photo evidence of healing!

What is that?  My ass on the internet?  Ah well.   So my bum.  Very swollen and kinda lumpy.  But it will smooth and improve drastically over the next few months.  I will post more bum pictures all winter!  Lucky you, readers!  ahahah
Just to remind you of my old bum.
Hips healing well!  Thighs are very swollen and tight.  You can see the compression suit lines.  But look at how the incisions are all healing!!!

My flat tummy!!!  Swollen.  Oh so puffy, but underneath it is tight.  I cannot wait for when my waist swelling is down to give me back my wonderful curve between there and my hips.  It will happen.  I think all my ab exercises at the gym really paid off- there is some good muscle under that swelling!
I am very thick through my midsection- that is all swelling.  But focus on the healing lines!  Getting myself to stand up straight is painful.  Everything feels just tight and as though I will split open.
And big even today- I went walking outside!  Matt threw a dress on me (my $5 one that I bought at Walmart this fall for wearing after surgery) and I made it up and down the driveway at our rental place.  It was tiring, but it was also nice to get some movement in.  I had my best day yet for feeling like a human again.
Enjoying the last of the heat before I head home to winter.


Nancy said...

Wow, you are healing so well! You are standing up a bit straighter I can tell, and your bum curve is coming back, once the midsection swelling eases off it will be perfect! Your hips and groin incisions are already so smooth, and so shapely already! You bum line is a bit lumpy but excellent for only 2 weeks after surgery, and like you say, it'll just keep getting better as you heal up. Amazing progress so far. Looking forward to the winter Bumwatch! ;-)

Allmycke said...

You're one of a kind, Kara!
(Oh, and I'll follow your progress diligently!)

Mrs. R said...


I have followed your blog as you have lost your weight, watching you gain a new you. I never left your blog, without tears coming to my eyes in response to your words and experiences. Thank you for showing how hard, but worthwhile this journey towards health is. Can't wait to see you in person again some day. Take care and continue to post with such honesty and openness.

Tracy Reimer
Fort Nelson