Sunday, August 28, 2011


Our house has the perfect location. There are no houses behind us, we have a view of mountains, and there is a playground right behind our place! Now that playground is a bit old and rundown, but we still enjoy it.

The rec director for Faro put in a lot of work this last year to find funding to update the playground. She was awarded grants of over $60k to have a new park built!! This fall, a lot of the playground will be taken down and over next summer all new equipment will be put in place. We are pretty excited to see what is in store for the new playground!

Faro is changing. No longer is it just a retirement town. Vibrant, young families are moving here and changing the whole feel of Faro. We are so glad this is the community we have chosen to put down our roots.

Town equipment removing the fence around the playground:

Our boys and their buddy Jack watching all of the action:

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Morena said...

Great Backyard! Great view too.